• BU women's basketball coach steps down after bullying allegations

    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Claims of emotional abuse led to the resignation of Boston University women's basketball coach.

    After four players quit the team, BU launched an in depth investigation. The panel interviewed current team members and former players. While they say not all the complaints could be substantiated, there was enough evidence to find that Coach Kelly Greenberg’s behavior didn't meet university standards.

    One player says it was so bad she had suicidal thoughts and had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance because of her emotional stress. Later, other former players stepped in saying they were also bullied, threatened, and emotionally abused.

    Dan Lebowitz, executive director of Sports in Society at Northeastern University, says our society is redefining the term bullying as we continue to talk about it.

    “The conversation around bullying has grown to such an immense degree and the volume of that conversation has grown we've become very attune to what is bullying, at least what it feels like,” he said.

    What may have been acceptable in the past isn't the case now.

    “Moving forward all of us have to embrace an empathy standpoint. What does it feel like for the athlete? How are they feeling when this is coming at them? And I think more coaches are gonna have to be attune to that on the men’s and women’s side of the equation,” Lebowitz said.

    It's important to note Greenberg has had former players speak positively about her coaching style.

    The coach only commented with a written statement: "I have determined that it is in the best interest of the university, the women’s basketball team, and myself, for me to resign my position as head women’s basketball coach."

    She went on to say she does not agree with some of the review panels findings about her coaching style and furthermore states, "however given all that has transpired, I do not believe it will be possible for me to continue as an effective coach."

    From Greenberg’s point of view she didn’t do anything wrong, she was trying to create a winning culture. But in the end, an investigative panel and enough former players didn't see it that way. And BU now has an opening for a new head coach since Greenberg has stepped down.


    at BU are not commenting, but stand behind their decision. Administrators will be conducting a nationwide search to find their next head coach.

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