• BU students locked up after allegedly throwing two massive parties


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Boston police locked-up party-throwing Boston University students, saying they failed to learn their lesson the first time.

    The four men were in court Friday after throwing their second massive party in Allston this school year. The first party in September earned the sophomores pre-trial probation. They would've been off the hook if they stayed out of trouble, but police were called back to the home on 85 Linden St. last month where they allegedly found underage drinkers pouring out of the doors and windows.

    Inside police claim they found more than 1,000 beer cans. The four men, all under 21 were sent to jail Tuesday for violating probation and stayed there until Friday.

    David Yannetti, the students' lawyer said, "They were prepared to go to classes Wednesday morning, and instead they're in the Nashua Street jail. I've never seen it happen before."

    The students were released after Friday's hearing with conditions including adhering to quiet hours, remaining drug and alcohol free subject to random urine screens, remaining in the state until community service is completed and reporting to probation every two weeks.

    Yannetti says they're shell-shocked after their jail time and ready to get back to classes. They are due next in court on April 1.

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