• Brookline High student credits Twitter campaign for college acceptance


    (MyFoxBoston.com) – A Brookline high school student is crediting a Twitter campaign as the reason he was accepted into the university of his dreams.

    Bernie Zak, an 18-year-old senior at Brookline High School, was originally placed on the wait-list to get into the University of California, Los Angeles. The school said they would contact him on June 1 with a final decision, but Zak decided to take matters into his own hands or actually his Twitter handle @berniezak, reports The Boston Globe.

    According to the newspaper, instead of hitting the books, Zak and his sister, a social media producer at the Wall Street Journal, came up with a Twitter campaign, called #ACCEPTBERNIEUCLA, in which he would tweet a new reason every day about why UCLA should accept him.

    From his account, Zak counted down the top 50 reasons why the school should let him in. He says the posts were mostly silly and witty, but apparently they caught on, reports the newspaper.

    In late April, the UCLA student newspaper got wind of Zak's campaign and did a feature story about it.

    The day after the Boston Marathon bombings, Zak tweeted the school should accept him because he was "Born and raised #BostonStrong." And on April 29, Zak woke up to a letter from UCLA saying he had been taken off the wait-list and accepted into the university.

    Zak believes his Twitter campaign won over the admissions department; however, a UCLA spokesman told the Boston Globe a Twitter campaign would not influence an admittance decision. For confidentiality reasons, the university cannot comment on exactly why Zak was taken off the wait-list, but the spokesman did say the school only considers original content in an application or any new or compelling information related to the student's academic record that has been added to the application website.

    Zak told the newspaper he plans to study economics at UCLA. He says he has a couple of friends who wish they had come up with such an innovative idea.

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