• Boys used cell phones to aid in bog rescue


    Two 12-year-old boys were reunited with their parents after becoming lost on a hike Friday afternoon.

    Halifax police said the boys wandered a quarter of mile into the woods near their homes and got turned around in a bog.

    "It was pretty awful, it was about knee to waist deep water," said Sgt. Ted Broderick of Halifax police. "They were actually standing on a little stump out of the water so they could stay dry."

    The boys, realizing their predicament, called police for help. It was a call officers said may have saved their lives.

    "They did all the right things," said Broderick. "They stood still and made a phone call and got the help coming."

    Police were able to connect the boys with a police helicopter unit with an infrared camera, which found them a short time later.

    "If it wasn't for the cell phone and the airwing we'd still be looking for them," Broderick added."

    Police said the boys were  muddy and wet but were completely fine. They were taken to a hospital as a precaution.

    Photo:David G. Curran/SatelliteNewsService.com

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