• Boy, 12, saves dad suffering seizure


    DRACUT (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) – Most 12-year-olds know to call 911, but how would your tween react if you suffered a seizure behind a wheel?

    His driver's license won't come for another few years, but that didn't stop Patrick Canney from taking the wheel in a dangerous situation, and now, he's being called a hero after his dad suffered a high-speed emergency.

    Patrick Canney was riding in the car with his father and sister when the car began to coast, and his dad seemed unresponsive. So cool-headed Patrick grabbed the wheel and got the car off the road on Interstate 95 in Dracut.

    It turns out his dad was suffering a seizure, so Patrick reached into his dad's pocket to use his cell phone to call 911. It's no surprise to his mom who calls him cool, calm and collected and she says he's modest, too.
    Six years ago, the family's house caught on fire and Patrick ran back in to grab a fire extinguisher and help. Patrick was only 6 years old during that situation.
    Patrick's dad is recovering and will be just fine after the incident.

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