Boston youth sports head injury rules take effect today


BOSTON (FOX 25 / – The city of Boston is implementing new rules to protect young athletes. The new ordinance is aimed at limiting concussions from contact sports and it goes into effect Monday.

Each year, thousands of young athletes suffer concussions and the new rule change is an attempt to help manage the growing concern of head trauma in sports.

Beginning Monday, all public and private school sports teams in Boston must have concussion training and management procedures before kids under 18 can hit the field or the court.
The rule also applies to any independent organization looking to use city-owned facilities. The ordinance expands on a 2010 state law designed to protect middle school and high school students.
Public officials ramping up the push to protect the youth after five children in Southbridge suffered concussions during a Pop Warner football game this fall.  
The new law requires all coaches and administrators to receive annual head injury training. The only ones exempt from the rule are visiting teams.

Some towns are going a step further with concussions. Youth sports in Ashland will face new rules at the start of the year. They will require parents, coaches and athletes over 10 to receive education on how to recognize and respond to a concussion. Those not in compliance would face a fine from the town.

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