• Boston University to offer gender neutral housing


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Students and Boston University won't have to take gender into consideration when choosing a roommate following a change in school policy that allows students of different sexes to live together.

    The policy change, which was announced on BU's website Tuesday, reportedly came "with strong input from the student body."

    BU students will be allowed to share a bedroom, suite, or apartment in select campus buildings without gender being taken into consideration.

    "This is really about your choice of who you live with," said Dean of Students Kenneth Elmore, "Your preference about gender and how you perceive it is really not our concern."

    Elmore prefers the program be known as "roommate choice" rather than "gender neutral housing" as it was originally presented.

    The school joins nearly 90 schools across the nation, including Tufts and Northeastern, in offering gender neutral housing.

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