• Boston mayor calls ban on breed-specific legislation 'ridiculous'


    BOSTON (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) Boston Mayor Tom Menino is vowing to renew city legislation that calls for the pit bulls to remain muzzled.

    The mayor tells the Boston Herald that he will keep working to resurrect the rule just as a state law is set to go in effect that will ban breed-specific legislation.

    Mayor Menino reportedly feels it is "ridiculous" for state legislators to override Boston's 8-year-old pit bull ordinance. He tells the Herald that pit bulls have something in them that makes them vicious.

    Boston City Councilor Rob Castalvo agrees with Mayor Menino. He feels the legislators had no right to take the ordinance off the books in Boston or any other town or city.

    "The only way to stop the dog from attacking is to have an officer dispatch his weapon, I'd say that alone speaks volumes as to why this breed should be singled out and why we do need breed specific legislation," says Castalvo about pit bulls.

    FOX 25 spoke with a foster provider for pit bulls about the city leader's comments. Courtney O'Connell says she'd invite Mayor Menino to come to the shelters with her. She says pit bulls aren't born bad, but they're trained to be aggressive.

    "This law doesn't stop Mayor Menino, animal control, or police from dealing with aggressive dogs," says O'Connell, "It just makes it breed neutral so if there's a vicious golden retriever, they can be delt with just like an aggressive pit bull."

    O'Connell feels keeping a breed-specific law does not make anyone safer.

    On Friday, two pit bulls attacked a teenage boy and killed a cat after escaping from their East Boston home. Boston Police shot at one of the dogs. Both dogs are being held until city officials decide whether or not to return them to their owner.

    A new state law that takes effect Nov. 1 bans breed-specific ordinances.


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