• Boston Marathon runner searching for mystery man she was dared to kiss


    WELLESLEY, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) – A 54-year-old woman from Tennessee told the MetroWest Daily News that running opened up a new social outlet for her, but she didn't realize it may introduce her to a new love.

    Barbara Tatge traveled from her home town to run the Boston Marathon this year. She says she started running about 5-years-ago after surviving cancer and a recent divorce.

    Her daughters wanted to spice up her race, and dared her to flip the tradition of runners stopping to kiss Wellesley girls along the marathon route and find a handsome man to kiss.

    She obliged and told the Metro West Daily News that after passing the girls in Wellesley, she ran a bit more and then “spotted a tall, good looking man.”

    She went on to say, “...You know how sometimes you speak before you think? Well, I darted over to him.”

    Tatge said she told her mystery man about the dare and that she needed proof if they completed the task. They decided to go for it and the person the mystery man was watching the race with took a photo of the pair locking lips.

    She says they kissed a few times, and held it so they could get the pictures.

    The 54-year-old went on to finish the race in 4:15:21.

    Her birthday and is this week and as a gift, her daughters launched a search to find her mystery man. If you're that guy and reading this article, oh and single, please email ashley.troutman@coxinc.com!

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