• Boston man asks for apology after assault charges dropped


    BOSTON (AP) - A Boston man cleared of sexual assault charges is demanding an apology from authorities for putting him through an "extremely difficult" ordeal.

    Prosecutors citing a lack of evidence dropped charges against 28-year-old Ross Currier on Wednesday.

    The accountant was arrested March 10 after a woman who saw him playing basketball in the North End told police he was the man who had sexually assaulted her on Feb. 15. The woman had previously misidentified another man as her assailant.

    Currier says police and other authorities failed in their "due diligence" and the lack of an apology is "alarming."

    Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley says the court filing dismissing the charges "makes it abundantly clear" that prosecutors do not believe Currier committed the crime.

    Currier's lawyer called that explanation a "tepid cop-out."

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