• Boston chef apologizes for Facebook tirade about customer


    BOSTON, MA (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) A Boston chef has apologized for a heated social media exchange with an unsatisfied customer.

    Marc Orfaly, owner and chef at French restaurant Pigalle, said his comments were not in the "spirit of Pigalle" in a Facebook post on Wednesday afternoon.

    The post reads in-part, "Last night a disappointed customer aired her concerns here rather than telling us in the restaurant. I must first apologize for my comments. They were not in the spirit of Pigalle, and nor do I wish for them to reflect on the hard work of my staff and their commitment towards hospitality. I am sorry."

    Orfaly adds that customers should share their disappointment with restaurant employees rather than airing it out on Facebook.

    The apology comes after a woman named Sandy complained about her Thanksgiving meal at the French restaurant on Pigalle's Facebook page. In the post, Sandy likened the eatery's pumpkin pie to vomit.

    Orfaly fired back with a barrage of insults, saying she must enjoy eating vomit if she knows what it tastes like.

    Sandy posted on Pigalle's Facebook page once again just hours after Orfaly posted his apology. This time she was clearing the air.

    "I am posting to let everyone know that Mark and I spoke at length about our recent Facebook smack down. He was right to say that if I was truly not happy with my meal I should of made a bigger fuss about it at the time it happened. He felt like there was nothing that could be fixed once we left Pigalles. He was very sincere and was the first to make amends. We both have apologized for our words and we are now FB friends," says Sandy.

    She adds that Marc has offered her another meal and she plans to take him up on the offer.

    Sandy also recommends that others visit Pigalle, but shares one caveat.

    "You might want to make reservation weeks in advance because as the saying goes, even bad publicity is good," reads the comment.

    To read Orfaly's full comment, click here. Please note, this comment contains explicit language.

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