• Bombing victims' uncle responds to Bill Maher comments


    (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Bill Maher's criticism of the Red Sox' tribute to the Boston Marathon bombings during the rolling rally has received national attention, and now a relative of two of the victims is speaking out.

    On his show "Real Time with Bill Maher" earlier in November, Maher criticized the Red Sox for stopping at the marathon finish line and placing the World Series Trophy on it, along with a "617" Sox jersey.

    "Three people died, that's terrible. More were maimed, that's horrible. But unfortunately that happens every day in a car accident and everything else. I mean, your city was not leveled by Godzilla," he said.

    Pete Brown, an uncle of brothers Paul and JP Norden, injured in the bombings, released a statement Tuesday on Maher's comments.

    The full statement is below:

    Even as time escaped us, a written response is both necessary and prudent in response to Bill Maher….

    Typically we ignore or disregard preposterous comments or contentions that the terrorist attacks in Boston, killing three, causing numerous devastating injuries, including the assassination of a police officer this past April, were either inconsequential or bogus. In this particular case, we have a television personality attempting to mock and or demean the seriousness of marathon Monday. Further, Mr. Bill Maher somehow believes the Boston Red Sox winning of the World Series has some over stated powerful connection. He contends that the classy, thoughtful and respectful actions of the ball player's tribute to the marathon survivors / victims at the finish line are hyperbole. He additionally insults and undermines what we have built in the way of the Boston Strong mantra and the conviction that our city / Bostonians live with resolve, strength and solidarity. He deliberately or purposely forgets that much blood and many tears spilled on that day of reckoning.

    As a matter of interest, and in my opinion, I speak for our family only but feel confident that other families routinely attempt to avoid the silly notions, misleading propaganda and in this situation, outright disrespect. For those who are familiar with our boys understand that they focus primarily on the healing and lend great respect to the grieving process. Our family prefers to maintain a positive prospective rather than address the negative conduct of some folks and in this case, a television personality. Furthermore, we normally dismiss people or groups that choose to preach mean spirited and bad-mannered discussion. Moreover we abhor and condemn the likes of people seeking attention or behaving in the mentioned interview, especially pertaining to or mocking our pain and hurt in a joking nature. If you asked any of the victims, families, spectators and or the numerous others that were affected that day; is there anything amusing even remotely about this horrific attacks? I'm convinced the answer is simply, NO.

    Because of the remarks and the fact that there is a documented history of rude and devoid of compassionate behavior, we will challenge and take this time to call for an apology. We are respectfully asking Mr. Bill Maher, in addition to an apology; to also refrain from this type of conduct and to reconsider using offensive and painstaking comments to seek his laughter. Bill Maher should immediately recant his comments and in fact, take the time to honor some of the first responders who place themselves in jeopardy. Instead of practicing hatred, he might consider inviting some of the brave guys and girls who performed miracles, while danger lurked all around them.
    Bill Maher is well known for his ostentatious and foolhardy dialogue, opinions and views. In this circumstance, his failed attempts to compare a terrorist attack in the middle of a city, where thousands of innocent people are enjoying a beautiful historic day to a chance encounter of an automobile accident is fruitless and unfair.

    Evidently, Bill's Godzilla comments and heartless description surrounding the tribute of the players, the city's resolve and countless heroic actions, account for very little. In conclusion, I am left little doubt but to conclude that Bill has lost his ability to practice good judgment and perhaps lacks any moral conscience. In addition, let not lose site of the bigger picture and the importance of his employer. Mr. Maher is paid handsomely by a television affiliation (HBO) that built their empire by the same people Bill recently affronted.

    Undoubtedly, he asserts that his foolishness and insights, no matter how they're delivered are to be seen as entertainment or putative. I submit, he once again demonstrated his pompous, egotistic demeanor and lacked the regard to proclaim sensitivity. Although, he certainly controls the way he shares his unwelcome and colorful remarks, may I ask HBO; what is your plan to correct the moral injustice wronged to so many victims by Mr. Maher's deleterious behavior. Mr. Maher, one is to assume, spilling hatred, carelessness and negligence confirms your irresponsibility is second to your ignorance but not loss on arrogance.

    The fact that you compare automobile accidents with malicious, well-planned, merciless killings is both pathetic and disturbing. In you tirade and willingness to publicly undermine the Red Sox victory and their fervent want to recognize Boston and our residents, you vilify their benevolent actions. I only pray that you can find the decency, courage and respect to apologize to all the survivors, families, and people of Boston and all the other folks who favorably supported us in a very difficult time. I trust HBO will make a significant effort in easing the hurt, pain and terrifying memories you trampled on. Finally, I hope you do some sole searching and remember that you are a human being that were lucky enough not to be standing on a street in a great city, when two bombs exploded under your feet.

    Lastly, we want to acknowledge publicly that in no way does our response have any lessening effect on people who suffered disastrous accidents. We are extremely sympathetic of automobile accidents, the destruction and shattering affects left on families and victims. Yet, respectfully, we view terrorism against the American public in an American city far from funny and hopefully never again. We fully wish anyone confronted by any type of injuries, a speedy recovery and want you to know that our prayers and thoughts will always be with you.

    Bill Maher, do the honorable thing and offer a public apology. Finally, Mr. Bill Maher, just for the record, It's Standing Boston Strong, not "Wrong" as you thoughtlessly stated

    - Uncle Pete

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