• Bombing victims, first responders honored at hospital event in Boston


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Emergency crews and victims of the Boston Marathon bombings took time out from their recovery efforts Thursday to serve as guests of honor at Brigham and Women's annual BluePrint Bash.

    The event was originally intended to celebrate the hospital's history and give the hospital the opportunity to show their appreciation to their donors. After Brigham and Women's Hospital took in 39 of the marathon victims, hospital administrators decided to transform the event to honor "those who helped save lives and supported each other during this difficult time."

    Many of the attendees ran to the aid of victims on April 15, either at the finish line of the marathon or as they entered the hospital. First responders, emergency room doctors, and trauma nurses reunited with some of their patients under much happier circumstances.

    Stoneham resident Jarrod Clowery was among the former patients in attendance. Clowery was near the site of the second bombing when the blast occurred. He suffered severe burns and shrapnel wounds that will require more surgery over time. Three of his friends were also seriously injured in the explosion.

    Clowery says the medical team that helped him operated flawlessly in the "Superbowl" of their profession.

    "Here I am a month later, if you'd seen my legs at the beginning you wou'd not say a month you'd give it three to six months in my mind," said Clowery of his recovery.

    Clowery was transferred from Brigham and Women's to a rehabilitation center on April 30. He has since been released.

    Hospital President Dr. Betsy Nabel also shared high praise for the staff at Brigham and Women's Hospital.

    "Whether you're a nurse a doctor, a dietician, a housekeeper a technician, it didn't matter, everyone stood up and made us proud," said Dr. Nabel.

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