• Blizzard warning in effect for parts of Mass.


    From FOX 25 Chief Meteorologist Kevin Lemanowicz:

    A Blizzard Warning has been issued for Norfolk, Plymouth, and Barnstable counties.

    WINTER STORM WARNING now in place for Thursday and Friday.

    COASTAL FLOOD WATCH for high tides Thursday night and Friday

    One of the evening model runs brings more snow to a bigger area, essentially expanding my 10-14" area. I do not like to bounce around from model run to model run before the storm even develops, so I'm not changing my map EXCEPT, rather than 4-8" on Cape Cod, I am fine-tuning to 6-8".

    Now, more details...

    First, the snow… Much to look at with this one. The latest map is posted here, on Facebook (Fox Boston), and Twitter @klemanowicz. Generally, sticking with the 8-12" I told you about Monday night. However, it seems likely that onshore winds into a very cold air mass will cause additional snow near the coast. There we've put a band of 10-14", including Boston and a good chunk of the south shore and north shore. Cape Cod is tricky because it'll be a little warmer. Warmer temperatures mean wetter snow, which compacts and make the pile smaller. I still think most get 6". There will be some fluctuation on the exact placement of snow bands as the storm forms, so keep checking back. REMEMBER, this storm still hasn't formed. When it does, I'll know better where it is going.

    Next, the wind… strong east to northeast winds could gust as high as 50mph Friday morning. Those winds blow milder air toward the coast (see snow amounts discussion above). The winds will whip the snow around causing white out conditions. The term "blizzard" starts being used in these situations. Blizzards have to do with sustained wind speeds and low visibility, not amount of snow falling. We may have blizzard conditions at times early Friday morning. There could be power outages as well.

    Flooding- Those strong winds will pile water up against the coastline, causing some minor to moderate flooding. Most susceptible areas will be Boston and south to Scituate, Sandwich, and Provincetown. High tides that will likely be flooding tides will be late Thursday night and midday Friday. Storm surge is expected to be 1 to 3 feet.

    No doubt bitter cold air will pour in Friday as the storm is departing. Lows Saturday morning will be below ZERO. Milder air comes by Monday, but we have much to get through before that.

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