• Black bear breaks through fence in NH, chases donkeys


    HOLLIS, N.H. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A huge black bear burst into a backyard in Hollis, N.H., knocked down the fence, and chased two donkeys out of their pen.

    A neighbor spotted the mother and son donkey being hunted and rushed to help. She jumped into her car and scared the bear away. She then called police.

    Dispatchers called the family who owns the donkeys and they were eventually able to lure the donkeys back to the yard with some carrots.

    The Lavoie family didn't see the bear in action, but got a pretty good idea of what happened judging by the damage in their yard.

    The Lavoies say the bear comes around pretty regularly and takes their bird feeders and even rests in their hammock.

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