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Beautiful time-lapse video of Boston goes viral


Vimeo: YaoLi

A time-lapse video of the city of Boston is going viral.

User YaoLi posted the gorgeous video simply called "The City of Boston" to the video-sharing site last week. It shows the bustle of activity around the city's most notable locations through stop-motion photography.

The user said he drew inspiration for the video from time-lapse videos of other cities.

"The idea of this film started with watching a lot of time-lapse video from Vimeo and I couldn't find a lot time-lapse video of Boston" said YaoLi.

He said it took a half a year to shoot all the locations and edit the video.

"The goal of this time-lapse is to showcase some of the beautiful places around Boston," said YaoLi.

The video was shared on multiple Boston news and blog sites Monday.

Click here to watch.