• BC students could face disciplinary action for distributing condoms


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A Catholic college wants to shut down a student group offering free condoms.

    In an email to students, Boston College officials say they may take disciplinary action against its own students who are distributing condoms out of their dorm rooms.

    The unsanctioned program "B.C. Students for Sexual Health" offers dozens of locations where students can pick up condoms and pamphlets about sexual health.

    The email sent to students indicates that the student health group could be in violation of university policy if they are found circulating condoms throughout the campus.

    "As a Jesuit, Catholic university there are certain Catholic commitments that we are called to uphold," says university spokesperson Jack Dunn. "All we ask of our students is that they respect these commitments and the values upon which they are based."

    Dunn goes on to say that this group has been warned "repeatedly" that the distribution of condoms is not in line with the values of Boston College. He adds that the group has been invited to meet with administrators to discuss the matter; however, if they continue distributing the condoms they will face disciplinary action.

    "If they persist in their actions, however, they face disciplinary sanctions as would any other students who violate university policy," Dunn explains.

    According to Boston College's online section regarding student rights, sex in the residence halls is prohibited. Those who violate the policy are subject to disciplinary action.

    Boston College is not the first Catholic school in Mass. to be at the center of a condom dispute. In 2009, Stonehill College seized condoms placed in common areas of residence halls by one student.

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