• BC launches investigation following hoax rape post on Facebook


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) – In light of a disturbing post on Boston College's Confessions Facebook page, school officials and police have launched an investigation into the post in which a student claimed he raped three female students on campus.

    Post number 7122 was lengthy, descriptive, and caught the attention of the entire school community. The post detailed three occasions of rape between the poster and unconscious or inebriated female Boston College students, reports The Heights.

    The post starts out with the poster complaining that girls are not attracted to him, but always his roommate. He dreams of forming a real relationship with his female classmates, but in the end gives into temptation and takes advantage of a female coed.

    "For the next couple of weeks, all I could think about was what I did, and more importantly, how I got away with it," the post read.

    While the poster said he regretted the experience, he claims he couldn't help himself and finds himself in a similar situation involving his friend's intoxicated girlfriend.

    "Being that I was slightly drunk at this point, my judgment was compromised, and I did something that I am still ashamed of. I took advantage of her, and what troubles me is that I enjoyed every minute of it," the post read.

    The third alleged attack came about upon the poster's return to campus, presumably in September. He claimed he took advantage of another female, yet this time she was partially conscious and he fears what she remembers.

    "…we've been back at school for a month and I've already had another experience, and what trouble me is that this time, she wasn't asleep. She was very drunk and I don't know how much she remembers, but I forced her this time," the post reads.

    At the conclusion of the post, the student claimed he sought help for his compulsions, but never followed through with it.

    Once school officials got wind of the post, campus police were alerted and immediately launched an investigation.

    On Wednesday morning, Dean of Students Paul Chebator said in an email a student came forward and admitted the entire post was a hoax. Chebator said the student "appeared quite remorseful."

    Despite the confession, authorities will continue to investigate the matter and the "student will be referred to the Student Conduct System for resolution of this matter," Chebator's statement read.

    The page is not affiliated with the University and is moderated by students, Chebator added.

    As investigators continue to probe the issue, administrators of the Facebook page are taking this opportunity to discuss the reality of sexual assaults, launching a Facebook event ""A Response to Boston College Confession #7122."

    The Boston College Sexual Assault Network (SANet) is a 24/7 private hotline for anyone affected by sexual violence, and can be reached by calling 617-552-2211.

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