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Batman v. Iron Man: Who spends more money?


When you're a little kid and you're dreaming of becoming a superhero the only real route you can go is playboy billionaire/superhero (unless you actually have superpowers). In that market, there's only two options to idolize: Batman or Iron Man.

But what would it really cost to become Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark? A website in England has broken it down in two infographics: The Cost of Being Batman and The Cost of Being Iron Man.

The charts are useful if you've been saving your billions and are looking for the best deal in becoming a superhero.

Each graphic contains a line item bill that breaks down where each superhero spends his money.

For instance, Batman drops about $230-thousand a year on Alfred and another $162,750 on gadgets. Iron Man, whose entire suit is a gadget, dropped about $110,302,000 on the technology.

We won't spoil the total cost for you, but we're betting if you had that kind of money you'd be better served creating a charitable foundation than fighting crime.

Click here to see how much it costs to be Iron Man.

Click here to see how much it costs to be Batman.