• Baby Bella's godmother claims she reached out to police in July


    (MyFoxBoston.com) -- The woman who claims to be the godmother of Bella Bond, who we once knew as Baby Doe, claims that she tried to contact police in July.

    Megan Fewtrell says she had a falling out months ago with Bond's mother and when she would bump into the mother, she asked about Bond. She says Bond's mother would always come up with excuses about why her daughter wasn't with her, and Fewtrell says she reached out to authorities back in July to tip them off.

    "I had tried to send a text message as they were trying to give it one last push," she said.

    Fewtrell stood in front of Dorchester court with Bond's favorite ducky and blanket Monday, saying nothing will bring her back. She says her son ran into Bond's mother Rochelle at the grocery store a month ago and she said the little girl wasn't feeling well.

    "She told him Bella was home sick," she said. "Which is a different excuse she gave to everyone else."

    Fewtrell says the last time she saw Bond was on her birthday, March 12.

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