• Attorney of man suing Aaron Hernandez shares case details


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A lawyer representing the Connecticut man who claims New England Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez shot him in the face talked to FOX 25's Mark Ockerbloom Tuesday.

    David Jaroslawicz says Alexander Bradley had been working as Hernandez's assistant when the two got into a fight outside a Florida strip club and Hernandez fired a gun at his face.

    Police say Bradley originally said he didn't know who shot him, but then alleged that it was Hernandez.

    The case was originally dropped because of a paperwork error, but Bradley re-filed the suit. Jaroslawicz says his client was left for dead and that Bradley didn't file the suit right away because he feared for his life.

    "When you're running around with someone like Mr. Hernandez, I can understand why you wouldn't want to get the police involved unless necessary," said Jaroslawicz. "In addition of which when someone leaves you for dead, you may be afraid he may come finish the job."

    Jaroslawicz claims Bradley and Hernandez went to a strip club and had some kind of dispute.

    "The next thing he knew, Mr. Hernandez shot him on the side of the road," Jaroslawicz claimed.

    Jaroslawicz went on to say that his client has had multiple surgeries since the shooting and needs more. He lost his right eye and the use of his right arm.

    In Boston, Hernandez is drawing support from a high-profile legal team. Jaroslawicz says that could hurt Bradley's case, telling Ockerbloom if Hernandez goes to jail and loses his money, there'll be nothing left for his client.

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