• Attleboro officials investigate threatening list found at elementary school


    ATTLEBORO, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Officials are investigating the discovery of a suspected "hit list" at an elementary school in Attleboro.

    A parent of a Hill-Roberts Elementary School fourth grader tells the Sun Chronicle his child was sent home Monday after a substitute teacher found the list of students made by a classmate.

    In a statement to FOX 25, the superintendent's office said they were investigating an incident that took place at one of their elementary schools on Monday, Feb. 3.

    "It does involve a student note, however, he does not have all of the information at this time," read the statement in-part. "A very thorough investigation is underway and all of the appropriate people and agencies will be involved. The Superintendent feels confident that ALL of the students involved are safe and that he will continue to take the necessary steps to keep them safe."

    The superintendent did not tell the newspaper whose names were on the list, but said the student who apparently wrote it had been identified.

    Parents are scared, and feeling like they were left in the dark about the situation.

    "I think it's a very scary situation," a parent said.

    "You just don't want to believe that a fourth grader would think to do that and you only hope that they just didn't know any better," parent Christian Zundel said.

    School administrators and police are expected to meet Tuesday to discuss what to do next.

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