• Athletic association wants to ax post-game handshakes


    FRANKFORT, KY (MyFoxBoston.com) -- The tradition of athletes shaking hands after a sporting event is coming to an end in one Kentucky school district.

    On Tuesday, the Kentucky High School Athletic Association said in a new rules directive that too many incidents have occurred in the last three years, meaning it no longer supports post-game interaction.

    Brian Durbin is a varsity soccer coach in Kentucky. He said it is "unfortunate" that teams have come to this, saying he has never had a problem with violence in his 10 years of coaching.

    "I believe sportsmanship in high school sports is the most important thing you can teach," said Durbin.

    Coach Durbin has come up with a plan to work around the new recommendation. Instead of saying "good game" after the match, the teams will say "good luck" before.

    "I just had the thought if we can't shake their hand after the game then we should shake them before the game," Durbin said.

    If teams decide to ignore the directive and participate in some form of organized post-game handshake, coaches must report any incidents that occur. That means coaches and administration will be held accountable if any fights break out.

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