• Arthur "Bucky" Barrett


    Age: 46

    Date of Disappearance: Nov. 30, 1983

    Manner of Death: Barrett was believed to be tortured in the cellar of a South Boston home.
    Barrett had a reputation as a master "safecracker" and was reportedly one of six men who broke into the Depositors Trust bank in Medford in 1980 and stole $1.5 million.
    Former Bulger associate Kevin Weeks claims Bulger wanted a cut of the robbery money. When Barrett refused, Bulger reportedly asked Weeks to lure Barrett to a secret meeting.
    Weeks claims Bulger forced Barrett to tell them where the stolen money was before he, alongside Weeks and Flemmi, stole it and fatally shot him.
    Barrett's remains were found alongside the remains of Deborah Hussey and John McIntyre in Dorchester in 2000.

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