• Arlington restaurant damaged after man goes on rampage inside


    ARLINGTON, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Bottles were smashed and tables were tossed when someone went on a rampage inside an Arlington restaurant and police say it all happened within a few seconds.

    Mayron Khosrowdad is back in business one week after someone went on a rampage inside his restaurant. Khosrowdad said the man went “nuts” on the bar and then “casually just walks back and goes to the front door."

    Surveillance cameras caught it all. A man with no shirt on broke through the front window, first tossing anything he could find into a display behind the bar.

    "Whatever we have on the bar he throws that. And then he just goes and takes his hand, just tries to toss everything down," Khosrowdad said.

    He swept a few bottles of wine onto the floor in one swift move and just before he left, he stopped for one last parting gesture.

    "As he's walking back, picks up one of the barstools and just tosses it against the bar," Khosrowdad said.

    Police haven't arrested anyone, and Khosrowdad says he has no idea who the person in the video could be.

    "I doubt if it was someone who didn't like the food or something. There's better ways to complain than break in. I really don’t know," he said.

    And he says the strangest part is, despite all of the damage the suspect didn't take anything.

    "I would’ve liked to think it was somebody who just needed cash, okay you can justify, reason that out,” Khosrowdad said.

    There was no damage to any other businesses on the street and neighbors and customers say they can't imagine who would've targeted the restaurant or why.

    "Doesn’t make any sense. No logic at all," neighbor Don Dickerson said.

    Khosrowdad was able to open for dinner less than 24 hours after the break-in, and says now he's just trying not to dwell on it.

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