• Are Your Kids Eating Spaghetti Tacos?


    An eccentric television character's odd food combo has become a fave dish, thanks to "iCarly" and the Internet.

    The hit Nickelodeon series introduced America to the spaghetti taco when Spencer, the lead character's eccentric brother and guardian, fused Mexican and Italian into one dish. The popularity of the dish, sauce-coated pasta shoved into taco shells, spurred iCarly.com to start posting viewers' photos of themselves making and eating them.

    The New York Times said spaghetti tacos are now the rage, thanks to reruns, the Internet, slumber parties and children talking to each other. There has been a dessert version and a guacamole version as well as others popping up online as parents attempt to fill the demand.

    Brooklyn 8-year-old Justin Burns chose the dish for his birthday. "I really wanted them because they looked really delicious and fun to eat," he said to the Times. "They're really crunchy and they have my two favorite foods, spaghetti and tacos."

    Even his picky friend tried them.

    A Facebook page started in 2009 has attracted more than 1,300 fans. Delish.com said the spaghetti taco has appeared on the show in six episodes since 2007.

    "Clearly, it's spread like a virus," Karen Peterson, the mother of two children from Rye, N.H., told the Times.

    Dan Schneider, the creator of "iCarly," said it originally was just meant to be a gag. It became a running joke and now it's pop culture.

    The Gothamist reported that Syracuse University pop culture professor called it a "very important technological development ...You don't even need a plate."

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