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Application for criminal charges against Arlington dad accused of making threats denied


ARLINGTON, Mass. ( - An application seeking charges against an Arlington man accused of threatening his child's school principal has been denied.

Arlington police filed a criminal complaint on June 10 against 40-year-old Robert Goodwin after confiscating his gun.

Superintendent Kathleen Bodie said in a message to parents, students and faculty that an argument between the principal at Stratton Elementary School and a father got so out of control that the principal notified police.

Officials said Goodwin pulled out his license to carry a firearm and made references to owning and carrying firearms while Principal Michael Hanna was addressing a concern about an inappropriate drawing made by Goodwin’s son.

Investigators say as a result Goodwin had his license to carry a firearm suspended and his .22 caliber Bolt Action rifle, along with 300 rounds of ammunition, seized.

Goodwin refused to talk to FOX 25, but he did provide a two page typed statement, saying the principal made several comments about his son drawing male body parts in the past, but this time he said it was a stick figure shooting ping pong balls at a giant minion from the movie Despicable Me. The 40-year-old said the film was recently shown at school.

Goodwin went on to admit pulling out his license to carry a firearm, however he claims he never made references or threats about having access to guns.