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Another shark sighting in the waters off Cape Cod


CHATHAM (FOX 25 / A photographer captured another photo of a shark in the waters off Chatham on Saturday.

The shark, which is believed to be a great white shark, was photographed swimming roughly one quarter mile south of Chatham Harbor and an estimated 100 miles from shore.

On Thursday, the group known as the Cape Cod Shark Hunters successfully photographed the first great white shark seen on Cape Cod this season. The nearly 15-foot shark was spotted near North Beach Island in Chatham.

In 2011, several Chatham beaches closed down due to credible shark sightings and reports of attacks on seals.

No beaches in Chatham were closed as of Saturday as a result of the shark sighting, but the harbormaster is asking swimmers to be vigilant.

PHOTOS COURTESY: Cape Cod Shark Hunters

To learn more about the Cape Cod Shark Hunters, visit: