An 'Indian summer' is in store for Mass. this week


From FOX 25 Meteorologist Kevin Lemanowicz:

It's here- the January thaw. It seems to happen every year, though there is no definitive reason why. One viewer emailed asking me about it. Here's how I answered…

The short answer is it can be explained in any given year, for instance, the jet stream surging northward right now. However, what cannot be fully explained is how it happens just about every year.

My thought is it is a natural variation in the jet stream, much like we see in the fall when we experience "Indian summer" conditions. We are likely to see similar bounces, but we call them heat waves in the summer and just assume it is some warm spring weather in the spring. Perhaps we just don't notice it as out of the ordinary other times of the year.

No matter what, it will be here for about the next week. Sure, the cold air will be coming back, but I think that happens late in the week. It will be a strong Arctic blast. Until then, enjoy the thaw. Remember, there is still plenty of snow to enjoy on the slopes!

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