• Allston man arrested in 'Peeping Tom' incident

     BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) -- An Allston man was arrested Monday for an alleged "Peeping Tom" incident.

    Genesio Cassimiro, 51, was arrested in connection to an incident near a Gardner Street home. A police officer was walking in the area and saw him looking in the window of a home. Cassimiro said he was on his way back from the store and needed to pee, so he stopped to do so in the bushes. However, this is not the first time he was seen in the area, according to Suffolk County Assistant District Attorney Michael V. Glennon.

    "The defendant has been spotted by numerous parties over the past couple of weeks," Glennon said Tuesday.

    Defense attorney Frances Tucker said, "He says he's diabetic and had to urinate in the bushes. That's what he's been repeating. That's what he told police. That's what was told in court today. That's what he has told me."

    One resident, who didn't want to be identified, doesn't believe that he was going to the bathroom because she says he was in the bushes for "at least a half an hour."

    Boston police both interviewed and alerted several residents at 80 Gardner St., including a couple they say were engaged in intimate activity with Cassimiro looking on. That couple told FOX 25 that they didn't know that they were being watched. They didn't what to go on camera for fear of being identified, but they say they are glad the police were able to make the arrest.

    Cassimiro was arraigned Tuesday in Brighton Municipal Court. He was released on personal recognizance and must wear a GPS bracelet, and adhere to a curfew and stay away order. He's due in court again next month.

    He has not been linked to a recent case on Commonwealth Avenue. The Suffolk County District Attorney's office says that remains under investigation.

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