• Alleged victim's brother curses at Bulger witness


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) – Anger reached a boiling point Monday in the trial of James "Whitey" Bulger when the brother of an alleged Bulger victim had an outburst in court.

    The murders of Debra Davis and Deborah Hussey hung heavy over Stephen Flemmi's third day on the witness stand.

    Bulger is accused of 19 murders inside his sweeping federal racketeering indictment, but it is the accusations of the murders of the two women that, according to reports, bother Bulger the most. It is the murder of those two women that got the biggest reactions from Bulger's longtime partner, Stephen Flemmi.

    The fireworks flew just as the day was beginning Monday. Flemmi was asked by a federal prosecutor which brother of Debra Davis he was referring to Friday when he said one of them was an informant and a drug addict. Flemmi said Steven Davis, who has been in court every day of the trial.

    Davis, seated in the front row, shot to his feet, pointed to Flemmi, and let out a string of profanities in front of the jury and Judge Denise Casper. He called what Flemmi said an (expletive) lie.

    When order was restored, Flemmi apologized, saying he meant one of Steve Davis' other brothers.

    Davis later apologized for the outburst and explained why he lost control.

    "He called me a drug addict and a rat, an informant, and that's one thing, I'd take a bullet before I ever incriminated anyone," Davis explained outside court.

    Flemmi continued by telling the jury more grisly details of the murders he claims Bulger took part in.

    He identified the second masked man in the murders of Brian Halloran and Michael Donahue as Patrick Nee. He claimed his gun jammed and it was Bulger who killed both men.

    Testimony soon focused on Deborah Hussey, Flemmi's stepdaughter. He claimed it was Bulger's decision to kill the troubled girl, but he went along with it. Flemmi said he brought Hussey to a home on East Third Street where two others were murdered. Once inside, Bulger pounced, strangling her to death, Flemmi said.

    Flemmi said he did nothing as Bulger lost his balance and both he and Hussey fell to the floor. He said he took off her clothes, removed her teeth, and buried her in the basement.

    Under fierce 10-minute cross-examination from defense attorney Hank Brennan, more disturbing details spilled out of Flemmi's mouth. To audible groans in courtroom 11, Flemmi admitted he had sexual relations with his own stepdaughter twice. He said it was not full intercourse, but a moment of weakness. The elderly gangster said it was consensual.

    Cross-examination continues Tuesday.

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