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AG Coakley: Pet abuse raises a red flag


BOSTON ( – State Attorney General Martha Coakley is expressing outrage over the brutal abuse of a dog.

In an interview with the Boston Herald, Coakley said she learned from her time as Middlesex district attorney that animal abuse raises a red flag.

"It's a very concerning, sadistic trait," Coakley told the newspaper in an interview. "Everything I've learned from child abuse, when someone gets pleasure from torture, it's a red flag for everybody."

The Animal Rescue League says it has received numerous leads about who might have abused the 2-year-old pit bull mix known as Puppy Doe.
On a Facebook page called Justice for Puppy Doe, a Grafton woman claims she had to give up Puppy Doe because her landlord feared she would lose her homeowners insurance for having a pit bull on the property.
The Animal Rescue League is still working to verify that story.

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