• Accused robbers caught after sending mask company thank you e-mail


    A thank you e-mail proved to be the undoing of two men accused of taking $200,000 from a New York City store at gunpoint.

    Investigators allege that two men, identified as Edward Byam and Akeem Monsalvatge, robbed a cash-checking store in Queens on Feb. 14 while dressed as police officers. Byam and Monsalvatge reportedly went all out and purchased high-end silicone masks for the robbery, reports the New York Post.

    Unfortunately for the robbers, investigators were able to trace the masks to a high-end prop store. Store workers shared two e-mails regarding the masks, both allegedly written by Byam, with investigators.

    In the first e-mail, Byam confirmed the delivery of the masks to Monsalvatge's Jamaica, Queens home. In the second e-mail, Byam tells the store workers that he is "extremely pleased" with the masks and that their "realism" is unbelievable.

    According to the New York Post, Monsalvatge has been arrested in the past for a similar robbery. Both men were ordered held without bail on Tuesday.

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