• Accused Navy Yard gunman visited temple in Raynham prior to rampage


    RAYNHAM, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Accused Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis was in Massachusetts just weeks ago visiting a Buddhist temple in Raynham.

    Two board members at a Thai Buddhist temple in Raynham were stunned after recognizing Alexis. They told FOX 25 Alexis visited the temple and even stayed the night after complaining about hearing noises in his head.

    Alexis was in Newport, R.I. in early August. Members of the temple tell FOX 25 he visited on Aug. 18 while they've been building what they say will be the largest Thai Buddhist temple outside of Bangkok.

    Kesinee Black says she was cooking when Alexis approached her.

    "Did he act suspicious at all?" asked FOX 25's Jarrod Holbrook.

    "No," Black responded." He acted normal, just calm."

    Black said Alexis spoke fluent Thai and was very polite. She said they spoke about how he visited Thailand and loves the food.

    Alexis then went into the prayer room where he spoke to one Buddhist monk for a while and asked the monk for a place to stay. When the monk asked him why he couldn't stay at a hotel, Alexis told him there were loud noises inside his head that prevented him from sleeping in a hotel.

    Black told FOX 25 the monk told Alexis he could not sleep in the parking lot. The monk felt bad for Alexis so he gave him a small room in their storage facility 200 yards away from the temple. The facility is an old school the town owns and the temple rents. Alexis had a small bed mat and stayed the night.

    The next morning, the monk says Alexis came back to thank him and say goodbye. That's the last they ever heard from him.

    Members of the temple said they were shocked to learn of the rampage Alexis is accused of committing.

    Board members of the temple called the police as soon as they recognized him. FOX 25 has learned Raynham police notified the FBI and they are investigating.

    Police said they were called to the 34-year-old's hotel room in Newport last month after he complained of hearing voices coming through the walls and ceiling. Alexis told police he got into an argument with another person in the airport. He believed the person sent three others to follow him and keep him awake by sending vibrations through his body.

    The former Navy reservist went to the V.A. emergency room in Providence on Aug. 23 where he was given a small amount of medication to help him sleep because he was suffering from insomnia. Five days later, he went to the V.A. Hospital in Washington, D.C. where he complained of the same symptoms and was given a refill of his medication.

    According to the V.A., Alexis never once scheduled an appointment with a mental health specialist and either canceled or failed to show up for numerous primary care appointments since he enrolled in their system in 2011.

    Alexis is accused of fatally shooting 12 people at the Navy Yard in Washington Monday. Investigators say he was killed in a shootout with police.

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