• Accused drug lord pens letter lamenting prison conditions


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) – An accused drug lord has written a letter to a judge complaining he doesn't have a microwave, the food is cold and he isn't getting enough soap.

    According to the Boston Herald, Alexis "Papi-Thing" Hidalgo penned the letter to U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge Robert. B Collings to complain about the conditions in the Plymouth County Correctional Facility.

    Among his gripes are, "the drinking water has numerous contaminations that not only smell and taste funny, the same water has damaged a lot of people's skin," You're not allowed to purchase soap…I'm forced to bathe with Ajax dish liquid detergent," and the jail "has no microwaves."

    A prison spokesman told the Herald no other inmates have reported shower-related skin problems. The spokesman also said inmates who work get a travel-sized bar of soap every week and those who don't get one every two weeks or as needed.

    As for the microwaves, "There are no microwaves and no Keurig machines or latte machines in the individual units, for obvious health and security reasons," jail spokesman John Birtwell told the Herald.

    Hidalgo is charged in an investigation dubbed "Operation Concord" which led to the takedown of a cocaine, pot and oxycodone-dealing ring that operated from Hendry Street in Dorchester and Woodward Avenue in Roxbury. Hidaldo is the gang's reported leader.

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