• A holiday weekend warm-up is on the way


    A holiday weekend warm-up is on the way.

    A broad circulation over the northeast continues to send bits of energy toward us with some cold air overhead. Every time the sun heats the air at the ground, it rises through the cold air. The rising air cools and the moisture condenses into clouds which, in turn, produce showers. It is mild enough to make them rain showers. We'll see it happen again Friday.

    Saturday, we will get a break with more sunshine than clouds. Milder air works in ahead of a cold front Sunday. That front will bring more rain showers Sunday night into Monday morning. Another front will come through Monday with more showers, but high temperatures ahead of it may hit 60 degrees for the first time since the end of January.

    No big storms on the way this time, but that warm-up won't last either. The seven day forecast looks much more like spring, at least.

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