• 911 tapes from Sandy Hook school shooting released


    NEWTOWN, Conn. (MyFoxBoston.com/AP) -- Recordings of 911 calls received by police in Newtown, Conn. during a mass shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School were released to the public Wednesday.

    Dispatchers can be overheard urging panicked callers to take cover, mobilizing help, and asking about the welfare of the children as gunshots are occasionally heard in the background.

    One caller told police in a trembling, breathless voice that a gunman was shooting inside the building.

    "I caught a glimpse of somebody. They're running down the hallway. Oh, they're still running and still shooting. Sandy Hook school, please," the woman said.

    In the minutes that followed, staff members inside the school pleaded for help as Newtown police juggled the barrage of calls.

    Another call came from a custodian, Rick Thorne, who said that a window at the front of the school was shattered and that he kept hearing shooting. While on the line with Thorne, the dispatcher told somebody off the call: "Get everyone you can going down there."

    Thorne remained on the phone for several minutes.

    "There's still shooting going on, please!" the custodian pleaded to Newtown's 911 dispatcher, as six or seven shots could be heard booming in the background. "Still, it's still going on!"

    The recordings were made available at the offices of attorneys representing the town. They include seven calls made to Newtown police. Calls received by State Police dispatchers were not included.

    The release comes after a Connecticut Superior Court judge ruled the tapes should be released following a legal battle that involved the Associated Press and State's Attorney Stephen Sedensky III.

    Sedensky, who led the investigation into the massacre, attempted to block the release of the tapes. He chose not to appeal the judge's ruling on the recordings.

    The recordings were made public 10 days shy of the one-year anniversary of the Dec. 2012 shootings. On the morning of Dec. 14, 2012, Adam Lanza fatally shot his mother inside their Newtown home before driving to the school where he gunned down 20 children and six faculty members. Investigators say the 20-year-old then turned the gun on himself.

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