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40-year-old class ring brings strangers together


BOSTON (FOX 25 / - An unlikely discovery brought two strangers to Fenway Park, but not for Sunday's Boston Red Sox game.

Roland Arguin was using his metal detector in a park in Medford on April 30 when he came across a Boston College High School Class of 1973 ring.  The initials "WRB" were engraved inside the ring.

"You never know what you are going to dig up.  I have a Spanish gold coin that I dug up from the 1700s, rings, money, old coins, and Civil War coins.  Anything people will lose generally can be found," Arquin told FOX 25.

Instead of pocketing the ring, Arguin set out to find the ring's original owner.  He went to the school's website and found several former students whose name matched the initials, but William Robert Barry was the match.

Barry lives in Wells, Maine and lost the ring 40 years ago.  He thought he would never see the ring again.

The pair met on Sunday before the Boston Red Sox game to exchange the ring and a well-deserved "thank you."

"There's really good people in the world.  I take if from meeting Roland.  When I look at the ring, I'm going to think of Roland.  He didn't have to go this route.  He went the extra mile and beyond," Barry said.