• '328 fog machines for sale' after Patriots dominate Atlanta in foggy Foxboro


    After Sunday night's foggy game in Foxboro - someone on Craigslist is hoping to cash in on Patriots fans love of trolling the rest of the NFL.

    An ad popped up on the popular classified website Monday morning - and it's filled with puns all Pats lovers will appreciate.

    "328 fog machines available for sale," the ad says. It goes on to say the machines "all did their job," and that whoever purchases them will "want to keep these things away from anything that flies. No vultures, Falcons, Eagles or anything." 

    This comes after the highly anticipated Patriots rematch against the Atlanta Falcons. Despite the fog filling Gillette Stadium, the Patriots once again beat Atlanta. The final score was 23-7.

    The machines are listed for the hefty price of $2,500.00.

    Despite the price tag, it's a post that will make any Pats fan chuckle.

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