• 3 neglected dogs found in Haverhill home recovering after owner maltreatment

    METHUEN, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) - Three dogs are recovering at the MSPCA-Nevins Farm after they were found suffering with severely matted fur and ingrown nails.

    The Haverhill animal control retrieved the dogs after the previous owner refused to provide them with minimum basic care, a spokesman for the MSPCA said. The dogs, named Cinderella, Drizella, and Anastasia, were taken to the Nevins Farm were they shaved their fur and trimmed their nails.

    All three dogs suffered from sores on their legs and are being treated for dental disease. Cinderella, the mother dog, was missing a foot and has become blind.

    "These dogs were in terrible overall condition and it was obvious at first sight that they have gone very long periods without necessary veterinary care," said Nevins Farm Director Mike Keiley. "Their lives have been marked by neglect and we're going to do all we can to get them well and get them into the loving homes that they deserve."

    The previous owner, who remains unidentified, is under investigation pending charges for animal cruelty, the MCPCA’s law enforcement department reported.

    One of the dogs, Drizella, has been adopted and was taken to his new home on Monday. The two other dogs remain at Nevins Farm waiting to be adopted.

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