• 24 bottle bombs found in Lawrence


    LAWRENCE, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) – Twenty-four bottle bombs were found on the streets of Lawrence. One of the devices was discovered Tuesday near the James F. Hennessey Elementary School.
    The unexploded bottle bombs are made out of 16-ounce and 2-liter containers. They are filled with chemicals that can explode when mixed together.
    The devices have been found in North Lawrence since March 25. The Lawrence Fire Department said the bottles have been turning up mostly in alleyways and parking lots.
    There have been no reports of injuries or fires from the bottle bombs.

    Police and fire officials have interviewed several kids they believe are behind the bottle bombs. It's unclear what action will be taken against them, but it's possible they could face charges.

    The fire department has also been working with the State Fire Marshal's Office and Massachusetts State Police.

    Chief Bergeron told FOX 25's Catherine Parrotta it's unlikely these bottle bombs could spark a fire, but they could injure people nearby when they explode, causing chemical burns.

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