• 2024 Olympic bid committee formed for Boston


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Governor Deval Patrick signed a bill Thursday to form a commission that will look into bringing the Summer Olympics to Boston in 2024.

    In March, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino said bringing the Olympics to Boston in 2024 was "far-fetched," and that the millions it would cost just to apply to be considered could be better used for other ventures.

    But in July, the Mass. Senate passed a bill, introduced and sponsored by Senator Eileen Donoghue, to create a nine-member board that would analyze all aspects of what it would take to bring the Olympics to Boston. Earlier in October, the House passed the bill, giving it the go-ahead for Governor Patrick's signature.

    According to the legislation, the commission will analyze the logistics of working with other states in New England, as well as how the Summer Olympics would impact the Greater Boston area in terms of infrastructure and transportation, lodging, and the total cost of hosting the international sporting event.

    Last year, an independent group called the Boston Organizing Committee for 2024 formed, creating a social media push to bring the Olympics to Boston. The group's Facebook page has roughly 2,400 likes.

    The last time an American city hosted the Olympic Games in summer was 1996, when Atlanta was the host. Chicago made a bid for the 2016 Olympics, but the winning city was Rio de Janeiro, the capital of Brazil.

    In February, the United States Olympic Committee sent a letter to mayors of 35 cities, including Boston, according to a New York Times article.

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