• 2 more cases of measles confirmed in Mass.


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) – Health officials announced two more cases of measles Thursday, bringing the total number of cases to six in Massachusetts.

    State health officials say the newest cases involve two residents of Middlesex County.

    Though most people have been vaccinated against measles, the disease is very contagious and lasts one to two weeks. Early symptoms develop 10 days to two weeks after exposure, and may resemble a cold. Two to four days after the initial symptoms develop, a rash appears, usually first on the head and then moving downward.

    The disease can cause serious problems such as ear infections, pneumonia, and brain swelling in some people. People more prone to these serious problems include pregnant women, infants and those who have weakened immune systems.

    Anyone who is pregnant or has an weakened immune system who thinks they may have been exposed to the disease is urged to contact a health provider right away. Additionally, people who begin to develop symptoms should also contact their doctor.

    For more information, contact the Division of Epidemiology and Immunization at 617-983-6800.


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