• 2 Bruins fans injured by falling pole after game


    BOSTON (AP) - Authorities say two young women suffered minor injuries after a metal pole holding up protective netting behind one of the goals at the TD Garden fell and struck them.

    The netting fell at about 9:40 p.m. Thursday after the Bruins 3-0 win over the Washington Capitals.

    A private ambulance service took the women to the hospital as a precaution, but their injuries are not considered life threatening.

    No names were released but police say both women were in their 20s. What caused the netting to fall is unclear.

    A spokesperson for TD Garden released the following statement Friday:

    "Two fans were injured following last night's Bruins game when a safety net fell unexpectedly. Our immediate concern is the well-being of these two fans. Safety of our fans is our top priority and we are investigating the incident."

    The netting is intended to protect fans from pucks that fly over the glass.

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