• 1-inch wooden stick removed from dog after 5 years


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com)— An 8-year-old dog recovered from surgery after doctors removed a wooden fragment lodged in his lower chest for five years.

    The dog, named Porter, was impaled by a branch five years ago when he was running through the woods in Maine. The branch was removed and a local veterinarian closed the wound not knowing a portion remained embedded in Porter’s ribs. He suffered from multiple infections and health issues for years after, officials said.

    On June 4, doctors discovered the wooden fragment in the dog after examining the scar tissue formation on him. They performed a CT scan where they found an inch-long wooden stick stuck in his second and third ribs. The same day, the stick was removed after a two-hour surgery.

    Porter recovered quickly and went home the same day. He is expected to have a full recovery without ongoing health issues.

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