• 17 criminal cases involving informants vacated in Middlesex County


    LOWELL, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- The Middlesex County District Attorney's office, working alongside the Essex County District Attorney's office, has announced that 17 pending criminal cases and two convictions have been vacated due to an investigation surrounding the informants tied to the cases.

    On Friday, both offices announced the conclusion of an investigation into allegations made against two confidential informants working with Lowell police between 2010 and November 2012.

    Investigators say Mass. State Police received information in Nov. 2012 alleging the informants may have planted narcotics on suspects or provided false information to Lowell police related to narcotics distribution in the Lowell area. Both informants were immediately deactivated by Lowell police, prompting an investigation. In the interest of preventing a conflict of interest, the Middlesex County District Attorney's office requested Essex County handle the investigation.

    At the conclusion of the investigation, the Middlesex District Attorney's office has concluded that the allegations made against the informants were uncorroborated and that there is not enough evidence to prosecute either informant. However, acting out of an "abundance of caution," the Middlesex District Attorney's office has chosen to dismiss any case and vacate any prior conviction if either informant was involved in the defendant's case.

    The district attorney's office also concluded that law enforcement officials involved in the cases did not engage in any negligent act or criminal activity and there is no evidence indicating that those in contact with the informants knew or should have known of their alleged misconduct.

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