• 14 years ago Molly Bish vanished, family still wants justice


    (MyFoxBoston.com) -- It has been 14 years since Heather Bish lost her sister Molly at Comins Pond in Warren. Molly was working

    Molly vanished from her job as a lifeguard on June 27, 2000. It was only her second day at work.

    Three years later, her remains were found in Palmer, the next town over. The case has never been solved.

    "I miss her. I miss her terribly," Molly's sister Heather said. "There's a big hole in our heart that's irreplaceable, and never gets smaller or goes away. We still suffer."

    This weekend, the Bish family will publish full page ads in the New England's largest newspapers, a reminder that this case, which is one of the biggest ever mounted in state history, remains unsolved.

    "We are only one piece away from finding this person and bringing this crime to justice," said.

    While there has never been an arrest, there have been suspects. Rodney Stanger, a convicted killer who resembles the Bish suspect's sketches, is in prison in Florida, but remains a focal point of the Bish investigation.

    Heather wrote a letter to Stanger asking him to share information about Molly.

    "He had mentioned in his interview with the police down in Florida that people were after him in Massachusetts and things had happened to him up here. And I asked him to share that information, because perhaps that was tied to what might have happened to Molly," she said.

    He never replied.

    Heather wants justice for her sister, and to know what happened to her.

    "I think it would give us peace. I don't know what happened to Molly. I don't know where this person is. Is he watching us? Is he going to come back for my daughter? Is he dangerous? Is he around? And could he do it again?" Heather wonders.

    This is a frustrating case. For example, recently a bag of tattered clothes was found in the woods across the street from where Molly's remains were discovered in 2003. The items were turned over to investigators, but sources told FOX 25 that those clothes have no connection to the Molly Bish case.

    The bish family will hold the annual vigil for Molly in Warren Sunday. The theme is Forget Me Not. The annual Ride for Molly will also be held this weekend, but it will be the final ride as the family will be focusing its efforts elsewhere in the years ahead.

    And at the center of it all, has always been, Molly's parents, John and Magi. They are retiring and it is hoped that maybe soon, they will have justice for their daughter.

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