• 10 BU employees' direct deposit accounts changed by scammers


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) – Scammers reportedly stole login information that allowed them to change direct deposit routing information for the paychecks of 10 Boston University employees last month.

    According to BU Today, the scammers used a phishing technique to find the login information for the employees and route their paychecks to different accounts. 

    BU found out about the incident when a number of employees reported that they did not receive their paychecks. One employee reported that she received a direct deposit that was not hers. BU Vice President and General Counsel Erika Geetter confirmed that the amount of that deposit was the same as one of the 10 victimized employees.

    According to Shamblin, scammers may have gained access to the accounts of 78 employees, but only breached 10 of them. Whether the other 68 were compromised is still being investigated.

    The FBI is investigating this case, along with other universities that were involved in similar incidents. Currently, there are no suspects.

    For more: BU Today

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