• Wedding to Remember: Ashleigh and Matthew


    Essay submitted by Ashleigh

    Mothers Know Best.

    My mother, being a high school teacher, constantly tried to fix me up with her students. One particular student, Matthew, stood out because everyone said "he would make a fabulous husband someday." Unfortunately to my mother's disappointment, the timing was never right.

    Home on college break years later, my mother and I had a heart-to-heart about my dream guy. He had to have Southern charm, Northern roots, family values, and be able to rock a bow tie. Coincidently days later, my parents had a chance encounter with a woman in their gym class who turned out to be Matthew's mother. Excited that both their children were single, the mothers decided to play Cupid.

    Matthew and I went on our first date the next day. When he came to pick me up, my heart skipped a beat as I sat on a bow tie in his car and quietly hoped this was an omen. It didn't take long for me to realize Matthew had all the qualities I was looking for in the man of my dreams. Weeks later on New Years Eve I knew he was "the one" when he rescued my lost favorite shoe on the floor of a crowded Boston bar and slid it on my foot like Prince Charming did for Cinderella.

    Matthew was immediately upfront about his career in the Army, the difficulties that come with a long distance relationship and the sacrifices that both of us would have to make. Although our connection was immediate, we both acknowledged that we each had goals we wanted to accomplish. Matthew had to finish college at The Citadel in South Carolina, commission into the US Army, and seek the prestigious distinction of Airborne Ranger qualified officer. I also needed to finish my college degrees and had dreamed of competing for Miss Massachusetts as Miss Taunton.

    After graduation, Matthew reported to Fort Benning Georgia to train as a second lieutenant while I stayed in Massachusetts. We've survived the distance with many date nights on Skype, late night phone calls, old-fashioned letters, and occasional visits. One unexpected visit this past Christmas had Matthew surprising me at the Boston Common Christmas tree with a proposal in front of both families.

    Happily I also won the coveted title of Miss Taunton. Being a titleholder, I am contractually not allowed to get married but Matthew jokes we will get married the day after I give up the crown.

    On a sad note, we have lost five close family members unexpectedly this past year so our families need something to celebrate. Since Matthew proposed in Boston, we would love to celebrate our wedding in our special city.

    As coincidence would have it, if we were to win this wedding, we would be getting married the day after I give up my crown, just as Matthew promised. I will be wearing my Cinderella shoes as I marry my Prince Charming 2nd LT, Matthew Smith, platoon leader, 2-69 Armor BN.

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