• Study: Boston is third most expensive city to visit


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) – Between a hotel, drinks, dinner with wine, and transportation, spending a night in the City of Boston can be quite costly.

    According to TripAdvisor's new TripIndex Cities, Boston is the third most expensive city in the United States to visit, right behind Honolulu and New York City.

    TripIndex Cities is tracked against the U.S. dollar and is based on the combined costs for two for a one night stay in a four-star hotel, cocktails, a two-course dinner paired with a bottle of wine and round-trip taxi transportation (two miles each way).

    TripIndex estimates it costs approximately $473.59 to spend a night in Boston. The site estimates the average hotel room costs $351.79, dinner for two costs $76.33, cocktails for two cost $26.67, and transportation costs $18.80.

    The survey estimates it costs $504.94 to spend a night in Honolulu, $504.25 to spend a night in New York City, $471.89 to spend a night in San Francisco, and $448.45 to spend a night in Chicago.

    For the third consecutive year, the South is the most affordable region in America with five of the 10 least expensive TripIndex cities: Miami, Dallas, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Houston. Travelers visiting these bargain belles can expect to shell out an average of $336.44, compared to the national average of $398.95.

    The top three least expensive cities are Las Vegas, Miami, and Dallas.

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